Terms and Conditions

Charlotte Christian Theatre Company has the right to discontinue lessons at any time should there be ongoing problems. This includes behavior, safety, or other issues in settings including Crossway Community Church and any other setting in which Charlotte Christian Theatre may operate.

Charlotte Christian Theatre Company is not responsible for my child before or after his/her class. I agree to take full responsibility for and of my child should I choose to leave the property and am not back when the class is over.

Charlotte Christian Theatre Company is not responsible for my child if that child is outside the classroom area (i.e. running in the parking lot, playing ball, etc.). I understand that I am responsible for my child, myself and/or my vehicle should they cause damage to the outside of the property or cars on the property.

My child and any other persons who are with me are not to be in any of the other classrooms or any other part of Crossway Community Church other than the upstairs lobby where seating is provided.

I am responsible for any damage caused by my child and/or other persons who may be with me, should they cause any damage to Crossway Community Church. I am responsible for conveying this information to any caregiver who bring or picks up my child(ren).

I understand that I may withdraw my child from CCT in the first 2 weeks of class and receive an 80% refund. If I withdraw after September 10th, I understand that I forfeit the remainder of tuition and all fees.

Attendance during the final two weeks is mandatory. If my family decides after the start of classes to miss any part of those final two weeks, this adversely affects the other cast members, crew, and virtually all elements of the production As a result, this action will affect my child’s ability to participate in future CCT classes and productions.